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Upgraded desktop causing problems with debugging.

07-11-2016 07:05 AM
New Contributor II

I have recently received a new desktop,  Windows 10, IIS 10, VS 2015, IE 11, Chrome 51, Fire 47.

I can run Node.js, edit/preview the app thru port 3344 with any browser.

I can run locally thru IIS as an application with any browser.

On old machine I could debug just fine with VS 2015.

With new desktop, I cannot debug using any browser (IE, Fire, Chrome).

The app never loads fully, I get these errors on all browsers: (see png).

Has anyone found a solution (IIS/VS settings ???)

I am stuck and unable to customize JS with debug assistance as I am used to doing 

SOLVED:  id10t error          somehow "dynamic-modules" folder was missing from my VS project

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