Unable to see full layer list when selecting/unselecting layers for Layer List Widget

04-15-2020 09:21 AM
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I am running into an issue adding new layers to a web app.  I added a few new layers to my map but when to go edit them in the Web App.  When I use the Layer List widget it only lists the new layers that I created.  I am unable to deselect old layers or even select them anymore? These layers still exist on the map.  If I wave the Web Map with the layers toggles on they appear.  I am also able to toggle the old layers on still so they are still existing.  Why aren't all of my layers showing up in the Layer List Widget? 

They are also not in the Legend widget.  How can none of these widgets detect all of the layers on my map? I have done this several times before so something must have changed.  Is this a bug?

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