TimeSlider widget not updating with the webmap in webapp builder?

02-02-2022 04:19 AM
Occasional Contributor

i am displaying an imagery layer in my web app built using web app builder. i automatically update this layer in the web map using a python script and its running fine as i can visualize the updated data in the web map as well as the web app.

However the problem is that my TimeSlider widget does not fetches the newly maximum and minimum time ranges from the updated data or simply it does not updates itself when the data is updated.although i can see the new values when i choose the "configure widget" option while editing the app but when i view it, it never displays it until go back to the editing board save the app again with the new data and view it again. i dont want to do it again and again  


How can i automatically configure the widget to update the time as the data is updated?

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