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01-27-2016 02:04 PM
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I have a time enabled layer that I am publishing as a service, when I add it to WAB my times are different. In my mxd I have the correct time extent and time zone but where in WAB can I adjust so that time settings show the correct time as listed in my attribute table.

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by Esri Regular Contributor
Esri Regular Contributor

Hi George, Not really sure what specific time issue that you have. However, I would recommend to compare your map service with this one from esri LiveFeeds/Earthquakes (MapServer)

Especially for the Time Info part:

Time Info:

  • Time Extent:
    • [2016/01/01 02:00:39 UTC, 2016/01/21 19:05:10 UTC]
  • Time Reference: N/A

Then you can add this layer into your Web App Builder to see what it looks like. I just did a quick test with that Earthquake layer and it works fine. For the question about setting in WebApp Builder, if you use ArcGIS Online WebApp Builder, you need to download the application and open the file under folder ...\widgets\TimeSlider. Same thing if you use Web AppBuilder developer version.

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Thanks for the reply, I have a map service of points, time starting at 3pm to 7pm, when I publish the feature class the times shown in the slider are hours off. I dont have a date and this also might be an issue.

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