Time Aware Web App Not Playing Correctly

11-20-2019 08:01 AM
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I've made a Time Aware web app that does not update as it plays.  It works fine when I play the time slider in the regular web map, but when I try to play it in the webapp nothing shows up unless I move the map.  After moving it will update once, but I have to keep moving it in order to see what else is happening.

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I have been experiencing a similar issue in addition to my layers not being symbolized properly when my time series progresses. My labels and quantile based symbology are not rendering the last features within the given interval but rather render random data from within the playback - it happens when all the data is displayed progressively and also when only the data for that range is shown. This is consistent for me within both the Time-Aware configurable app template and the Time Slider widget within WAB in Portal (10.7.1).

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