'The specified field has no values'

05-07-2020 12:10 PM
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Hello all, 

I've created a few filters with 'contain' & 'predefine multiple values' setting as the field has multiple values (The data was captured by Survey123 select_multiple).

Once thing I noticed was that the filter shows an error message saying 'The specified field has no values' when I tried to update the selections on the filters that I've already applied.

- It works fine if only one filter (with predefine multiple values) is being used.

- If there are more than one filter applied, and if I edited the very last filter, there is no issue.

- If there are more than one filter applied, and if I edited any predefine multiple values filter that is not the last one I touched, it shows the issues.

- Changing selections in filters that use 'unique' value does not have this issue.

- The issue happens only with 'predefine multiple values' filter when it is being used any other filters.

The only solution I have now is refreshing the app if a new set of filters need to be applied. 

The main issue is it does not look good to show the error message. Hopefully, get rid of the error or replace the error message to something like 'refresh your page'. Has anyone have any solutions?



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I am having the same issues. It has been a couple of years since you originally posted this. Have you found a solution or a workaround to this problem at all?

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