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Symbolise and filter related records on webmap using join function but can't add new fields

05-14-2022 09:01 PM
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I am wanting to symbolise and filter my web map by my related table.

(I have a point feature layer of sites and a related table of site inspections set up as a 1:M relationship on ArcGIS Online and a fieldmaps app where my field workers are inspecting sites and entering information)

I want to symbolise my web map by the data in the inspections table. 

I have seen some people suggesting a Join (Analysis>Join) in the Classic Map viewer and saving that as a layer.  This works great!  But then I realised it means I can't make any edits on my original point feature layer or related inspection table in terms of adding new fields or new domain entries.  I will be editing the schema (add new fields, add new inspector names to the domain of Inspector) at times so do need that flexibility.

What would be a good workflow for this?

Say I create the join (say called Monitoring Sites and Inspections layer) and add that into my webapps.  If when I need to make updates to the original monitoring sites feature layer schema or inspection table, then if I delete the join layer, update the schemas on my monitoring sites feature layer and then recreate the join (with the exact same name) would that work and all my apps automatically update? Or would the addition of new attributes in the join layer effect the apps and need to reconfigure them.

Just trying to work out a workflow.  Many thanks.





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