Support for WFS in the analysis widget in Web App Builder?

12-29-2017 01:56 PM
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When can we expect the Web App builder to have full support for the Analysis Widget using WFS as a data source?

The issue of support lacking was raised in an earlier question, but it seems like it has not been solved. It has been a year. 

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According to ESRI reseller in Norway, Geodata AS, in this context ESRI does not consider ogc wfs service a featurelayer: 

We can read the following on the pager referred above:

The operational layer can be one of the following:

  • A feature layer in the current map
  • A feature layer as an item in the portal
  • A feature layer from ArcGIS Server REST Service

The regrettable answer is therefore that ESRI does not support OGC WFS for their specialised webapps. This effectively excludes the use of geoserver as a source of data for arcgisonline. 

ESRI has not been following up questions on the OGC WFS integration, so for the question of when the answer is probably not anytime soon.

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