Splash Widget and App State

01-12-2017 11:31 AM
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I'm using the web appbuilder developer's edition and I've enabled the app state within the app and it's working fine. I'm also using the Splash widget as well and it's working fine. However, when I use them in combination, for example, click 'OK' to close the Splash screen first and then click on the App State, the Splash screen will re-appear and ask for confirmation again.

Is anyone else having similar issues? If so, how did you resolve this?

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  I see this as well. The issue seems to be that the app state triggers a mapChanged topic to be published and then the LayoutManager fires a _loadPreloadWidgets because it subscribes to that event, and thus the splash widget is shown again. Right now I can not think of a good workaround. You need to call tech support and log an incident for this.