(Some) Themes seem to have limitations on content visible?

03-08-2016 10:26 AM
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I like the dart and box themes as they are simple and best conform to the overall look and feel of our organizational brand. I have a few issues and it has led me to believe that all themes are not created equal in the way they handle the attributes of your app, namely branding and links. A few examples--

- I do not see my logo or subtitle or links on my dart theme

- My longer title gets truncated in the box theme (and no subtitle anywhere) and no logo option

- Billboard theme seems to have nowhere to put anything branding, maybe other than an 'info' widget

I understand these themes I mention are more simple in design, but I still think titles and logos are important and should be truncated or optional to display and not relegated to widgets.

Note- I am not looking for customization at this point because I am not a developer and I do not think I should have to develop merely to use the options that appear to be available on the WAB theme selection. Perhaps this is just a gripe but, again, things are not as simple as 'make a web app in 5 minutes' if its supposed to look acceptable to your customers.

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C E,

   You are correct in your observations. Not all themes are created equal. You will find some themes support links and others do not. And as you have seem title and sub-title are limited depending on the theme. So I hear your gripe but you have to choose the theme that suits your needs closest if you are not going to go the route of developing your own or customizing an existing theme to better suit your organizations needs.

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Thanks Robert. I kind of knew the answer already but frankly I am getting tired of the standard 'as designed' response. Too many things that seemingly are important, at least to me and a lot of others, are not standard and that really hurts the options for the non developer crowd that Esri seems to be courting more and more these days.

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