Smart Editor widget pointing to layer in SDE

04-29-2021 08:00 AM
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Hello everyone,

I am looking for any documentation that explains how to configure Smart Editor pointing to a SDE layer.

How to enable Editor Tracking fields in order to get then User ID and date created or date modified of the editor who created or updated a feature using Web AppBuilder?


We are using Portal and the  WAB built-in. 







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Enable edit tracking via the SDE FC properties in the catalog window.

Ensure the SDE schema is registered to ArcGIS Server datastore either before publishing or after analyzing.

Publish the FC to ArcGIS server/portal ensuring you have selected 'Feature Access' with add,edit,update properties etc.

Browse to your content in portal/server and find the URL for the feature service - will look something like - then copy this url

Add the smart edit widget and specify the url you have just copied, then configure the options in the edit widget.


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Hi @JoseSanchez , 

As @DavidPike has specified, you will need to setup Editor tracking at the database level before publishing your service. Editor tracking for feature services—ArcGIS Server | Documentation for ArcGIS Enterprise

The editor tracking system-generated fields will not be shown as editable fields in the Smart Editor widget when you create and update features in Web AppBuilder. These will be populated automatically when the users edit features and can be viewed in the feature's pop-up which you can configure from the layer in the web map viewer.

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