Smart Editor and tabbing between fields

03-06-2019 09:17 AM
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Within the past two months or so we've noticed that tabbing from one field to the next in the Smart Editor widget in Web AppBuilder no longer works as it did before. Nowadays tabbing from a field instead selected the entire widget rather than moving to the next field for data entry. Interestingly enough though, back tabbing (shift+tab) still works as expected. I have tested this in multiple browsers and still get the same result. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is this a glitch that Esri should look into?


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It is a bug that seems to have been caused during the December AGOL update, that is when we started noticing it:

BUG-000118826: Unable to tab between fields when using the Smart Editor widget in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

Interesting observation that the back tabbing still works, same thing happens for me. I was *really hoping* this was going to be fixed in the recent March update but it hasn't been. If you have time you should contact Esri support to be added to the BUG. In my case I just submitted the problem through the My Esri chat and they knew the bug right away.

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The status of BUG-000118826 has been changed to "Implemented" in the My Esri portal. The ArcGIS Online version where fixed is 7.3. I assume this means the fix will show up in the next update of ArcGIS Online, which appears to be scheduled for October 1. Hopefully the update will also make its way into the next ArcGIS Enterprise update as well!