self-host a "developer" app inside the portal

11-26-2020 03:44 AM
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Good morning everyone.

Maybe a silly question, but I'm unable to find some answers.

I developer a web-app with the developer version of the AppBuilder, and I've already hosted this app in my web server (namely IIS) without any kind of questions.

I also seen that ArcGIS portal contains it's own AppBuilder that can help the users create it's own apps, that are hosted inside the portal itself.

There's a way to host an app created with the developer version of the app builder inside the portal, without create a dedicated website into IIS? Maybe importing the zip package generated or copying the content inside some folders of the arcgis portal?

Thanks for the support.  


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Did it before with no issues. However, it may not work well with custom widgets. 

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>Did it before with no issues.

Ok thanks for the reply: can you briefly explain to me how you do this operation? I mean: where should I deploy the app inside the portal folders? I see a "content" directory containing a lot of folder whose name is a guid, maybe I can copy other content inside?

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