Selection in Attribute Table Widget while Edit widget is open.

06-06-2016 01:26 PM
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We have an app embedded in a website that was created with WAB 1.3 (DE).

I have noticed that when a feature is selected in the Attribute Table widget while, or before, the Edit widget is opened, the selected features cannot be edited.

Is this on purpose as to prevent the editing of selected features, or is it a defect?

I found a way to edit the selected features while both the Edit and Attribute Table widgets are open.

If you use the "Add to Selection" tool on the Edit widget (pictured below) and add the features that way, the features can then be edited. But, the cyan blue selection indicators from the Attribute table remain even after the feature are deleted. They will not be removed until you select "Clear Selection" from the Attribute Table.

After deletion:


Any help is appreciated!


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