Screening Tool Report Acres

07-20-2021 07:49 PM
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I have created a web map with feature layers that are in web mercator.  This should not matter because the purpose of the web map and web app have a completely different focus. Acreages are unnecessary. 

When building a Web App and adding the Screening Tool Widget, the default report shows acreages and lengths.  I am using the Screening Tool to run an intersect and create a report with other fields (text), and have no interest in showing acreages/lengths.

Is there a way to disable the area and length elements of the standard report in the Screening widget/tool?  Do I have to build a report print service from ArcPro and publish it to the organizations portal, and then point the screening tool's to that print service url?  

If the feature layers in my web map are in web mercator, won't those acreages be incorrect/much larger than they should be?  Why does the standard report offer acres if the default for publishing a feature service is the projection being converted to web mercator?



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