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renaming sub-layer name in the layerlist widget

05-22-2018 03:36 PM
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How can I update the sublayer name in the layer list widget?

during debugging in chrome developer console, while analyzing the element it was possible to rename and see the changes, however, couldn't find the relevant file in the downloaded code for WAB.

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   Normally you would handle the renaming in your mxd that is used for that map service. I you have to do it in your code then you will have to do that through direct DOM manipulation. You need to find the DOM element using the id or some class and then change the innerHTML text (lines 9 and 10 in the showLayers function of the LayerList widget.js).

      showLayers: function() {
        // summary:
        //    create a LayerListView module used to draw layers list in browser.
        this.layerListView = new LayerListView({
          operLayerInfos: this.operLayerInfos,
          layerListWidget: this,
          config: this.config

        var node = query(".layer-title-div-LOJIC_PublicSafety_Louisville_7908_0")[0]
        node.innerHTML = "Em Sirens";
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I have same problem.I would like to Localization Layers.I would like to change name from Macedonian into English language on Layer and SubLayer? 

I would like to use strings.js into nls folder.

How to solved this problem?

Best regard

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  Then you would use code like I provided above to do the direct DOM manipulation. But you would make the query generic and loop through all the results.

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