Related Tables not appearing in popup in WebAppBuilder (Developer Edition) but do in the AGOL WebAppBuilder

03-07-2017 01:03 PM
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We are using WebApp Builder Developer Edition 2.2 and hosting it in our own environment.

I have published a feature service containing a feature class and a table with which a relationship class exists. When I access this feature service in the Developer Edition and click on one of the features to get a pop up, I do not see the related table.

When I create the app in the AGOL WebApp Builder though, and add the data, clicking on a feature to get the pop up reveals the related table.

It is absolutely necessary that users have access to the related table when clicking on a feature, but I would prefer to use the Developer Edition. Any thoughts on why functionality differs between the two as it pertains to a feature service containing a feature class and table with a relationship class?

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   Related records in the popup was added at 2.3 not 2.2

  • Related records are listed in the pop-up with attachments if there are any.
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Makes sense then. Thank you!

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