Querying Web App Using URL Parameters

08-11-2021 11:09 AM
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I am trying to develop some URL parameter queries of a layer in my web app. The app is already authored and self-hosted, and references a web map containing only the basemap and one layer off which to query (Enterprise 10.8.1, Portal for ArcGIS). The web app has been configured using the foldable base theme, with query and filter widgets added. I'm pretty new at using URL parameters to query a web app, but I'm hoping someone can help me understand the behavior of the web map itself when I do this. 

An example query:  https://<My Portal>/<layer name>/?query=<layer name>,<attribute column,<value>

When I enter this query into a web browser, I am taken to the app as expected, and I am given a popup that contains all records satisfying the query, and I would need to scroll through each of them to view them. The features on the map are unchanged, unfiltered, unqueried.


What I am hoping to ultimately achieve is running this URL parameter query, and having the map respond by filtering the attribute table, actually engaging the query widget, etc. so that I don't just have a ton of popups to page through. Is this even possible?

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