Query Widget – Zoom and highlight Results from a related table

01-20-2021 07:52 AM
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I am looking for some guidance on how to customize the Query Widget.  I am new to Web AppBuilder Developer Edition and Java Scripts.  Using ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7 and WAB DE 2.18.

Background: I have a non-spatial table related to six feature layers.  The Query queries the related table to show the results of features on the map.


  1. "Expand the results" is not checked, yet they are expanded. (this just started since I imported into WAB Developer)
  2. Use Layer’s Pop Up configuration in web map – also not working.
  3. From the Results List, I would like the map to automatically zoom to the extents of the results and highlight all of them.    The results may have features from all six layers.   I do not want to have to “Show all related records” and click through individual layers.
  4. If the user expands the result, and clicks in the record, the map should zoom and highlight to that specific individual record.  As it is, the six layers are displayed at the bottom and you must click on the corresponding related layer.  If user is not familiar with layers, they may have to try each layer to see the result.
  5. After user has clicked on the desired individual record, multiple copies of the same record may be listed due to related mapping segments.  Can I hide the extras?
  • First image is the Results with expanded results and the six related layers at the bottom. (issue 1-4)
  • Second image is the multiple copies listed (issue 5)

Any help is appreciated! Thank you GIS gurus!

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