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Query widget with related tables question

02-17-2016 10:48 AM
Occasional Contributor

So I have the query widget setup to locate a feature class, it has a related table with a link to a document.  Is there anyway to set the related table results in the Query widget to identify the field as a link?

Is this better accomplished with the Enhanced Search widget?

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Not to sound like too much of a smart ass, but, everything is better handled with the eSearchWidget ; ) Robert is a genius. 

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The problem being that the data is coming from a related table and thus far I have not made eSearch work with related table. I do have plans but no time line on this (Just not enough free time to invest in this).

The OTB Query widget does not allow for setting up a particular related field as a link either.

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Robert has helped me more than I'd like to admit, I really do appreciate it.  Maybe something for a future release...