Query Widget - Search Results Limitation

08-14-2020 10:20 AM
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I am working with the query widget in WAB DE 2.15.  I am experiencing issues with search results limitations.  Here is the example:

I have a parcel query setup.  When I type in “2” there are about 700 results to choose from. When I type in “26” that drops drastically to 12 results to choose from. When I type in “26-” there are zero results even thought there are about 400 results that begin with “26-” when you click the “search more” button.

I could see if there was a ‘max results’ setting that only allowed 700 results to be shown before you need to click the “search more” button, but that is clearly not the case based on the example I provided above.

I have corresponded with ESRI on this matter and I was told "that it is the design of the query widget".  Does anyone know how to alter the code in the widget to provide more reliable results without having to click the “search more” button to get the results?

Thanks in advance!


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