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Query Widget: Non-spatial tables

09-10-2015 08:52 AM
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So I am new to the Web AppBuilder and I am currently playing around with the idea of exporting a map from ArcGIS Online into it.  The Query widget is especially attractive because it appears I can predefine a series of queries that a user would use - which is absolutely fantastic!  However I've run into a problem where it's not recognizing non-spatial tables.  I have a non-spatial table related to a bunch of different layers via IDFKs - is there something I am overlooking or does anybody know of a custom widget I can use to query standalone tables from inside Web AppBuilder?

Thanks in advance!


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by Esri Contributor
Esri Contributor

Hi Ryan,

I am not sure which WAB version do you use.

You can use WAB in three forms:

1. Use WAB hosted in ArcGIS Online

2. Use WAB hosted in portal

3. Use WAB Developer Edition 1.2

Now, WAB hosted in portal and WAB Developer Edition 1.2 can't use Query widget with standalone tables.

But WAB hosted in ArcGIS Online can use Query widget with standalone tables from yesterday.

For portal next release 10.4, WAB hosted in portal will also support this feature.

For WAB Developer Edition next release 1.3, it will also support this feature.

Have a try to use ArcGIS Online now, it will work. And you can download this app from ArcGIS Online and deploy it to your own server and it will also work.

New Contributor III

Thank you very much!  I am currently using Use WAB Developer Edition 1.2.  I appreciate your response.



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