Public notification widget does not deselect

02-11-2019 11:05 AM
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I’m using the Public Notification widget and when I try and deselect some parcels I don’t want, nothing happens. I’m using the CTRL + draw option, but the screen just flashes for a moment and then comes back to the same selected set. I’m using the current AGOL release. Is there a bug?

I saw this post- but didn't work as shown.

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It was my understanding this was supposed to have been fixed with the latest release of WAB but it still didn't work after testing it out with version 2.14.  I contacted the development team and found out the intention of this fix was to remove parcels from your original selection and not the selection from the buffer.  This was a disappointment to me as my users need the ability to remove some parcels that have been selected by the buffer. 

If you do the cntrl-draw to your original selection it will delete it and redo your buffer.   

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