Propagate the last version of a custom widget into generated applications

05-12-2021 03:30 AM
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I work for a big structure that has an altered WebApp Builder Developer Edition* as a application generator. I have to work on this version and develop some custom themes and widgets. Everything works fine apart the propagation of my last versions to the existing generated applications. When I deploy into client/stemapp it won't affect the server/apps/* unless I open each one of them then I proceed to some manual operations.

I know a way to do it would be to deploy my files in each app (while there is not a change in the structure of the config.json files) but I was wondering if there was some existing tool to do so. I acknowledged this article ( but it doesn't seem to be adapted to my case because I only change few things in my themes/widgets so it is not relevant to get separated installations.

* In fact, it's arcOpole Builder, an altered branch dedicated to the french issues and developed by ESRI France

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