Printing from Web AppBuilder - can you set the scale to display in feet instead of miles?

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08-05-2015 08:32 AM
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I have created an app with Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS but have run into an issue. When you go to print a map using the print widget, it spits out a map with a scalebar in miles.... but for our purposes, we really need that scalebar in feet, as we work on a very fine scale. I have not been able to find way to change this yet. Is there a way to do this? Without the scalebar in feet, the map is really not that useful to our staff.


Also, pic below for reference:


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The string.js file already has:

unitsNauticalMiles: "Nautical miles"

I changed the print.html file to reflect this:

<option value="Nautical miles">${nls.unitsNauticalMiles}</option>

Now the widget allows me to select nautical miles from the drop down menu except when I produce the print output the scalebar still says it is in miles:

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   Looks like these are the only valid options:

scalebarUnitThe units used for the scalebar. Valid values are 'Miles' | 'Kilometers' | 'Meters' | 'Feet'. Default is "Miles".
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Hmm that's what I was afraid of. Thank you for your help!

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