Premium Content Access Issue: Multiple copies of Living Atlas Layer?

11-22-2016 11:06 AM
New Contributor

I am using Web App Builder (current online version) to create an app that includes several copies of the US Historical Topo Map Living Atlas layer.

I have used filters to create several different historical topo map layers based on different scale and date ranges from the US Historical Topo Map layer. As the user zooms in or out, the map displays topo maps of the scale/date range I have chosen for a given zoom level.

However, when I attempt to grant app users access to the Living Atlas layers through my AGO App in the Web App Builder, I am only allowed to choose ONE copy of the US Historical Topo Map layers. I cannot click and add more than one.

Is there any other way I can create several differently-filtered AGO Map layers from the US Historical Topo Map layer that can be shared publicly in an app through my institutional account?


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