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09-30-2014 03:42 PM
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Just wanted to report a possible bug I found in the Beta 2 Developers Edition.  It is not reproducible in the Online Version but I am using Custom Widgets and themes so I can't switch.  Thanks!

When I configure a popup in my AGOL map and save it (even if
I have made no changes) the popup in my web app builder no longer works.
It pops up but there are no data fields, labels or title. 

Browser: Chrome

App is hosted on IIS 7

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a fully editable feature layer and add to
    an AGOL map
  2. Add the AGOL map to the web app builder
  3. Enable popup in AGOL map and save map , just
    take the default and do not configure (popup should now work in the web app
  4. In the AGOL map, Configure the popup, save the
    configuration and save the map
  5. Now popup is blank in the web app builder

This is causing me some trouble, especially where I need to
format a dateStamp with date and time.  Also the other widgets such as
edit use the same configuration so it is a problem when trying to edit… i.e.
you can enter a date but not the time.  In AGOL if I format the popup for
date and time the popup creates 2 fields for editing – this would be nice to
have in the app builder as well.

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I have encountered the same problem in where I have an ArcGIS Service that pop ups work in my online map as well as in my Flex Application Builder. However, with the new Web App Builder from AGOL I get a popup saying No information.

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   The online version is using Release Candidate 1 and the developer version that you are using is still Beta 2. So it appears that the issue was fixed in RC1 but you will have to wait until they release an updated developer version (just part of the joys of working with software before it is officially released).

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