Pop-ups with Arcade in Image Layer (Map Service, not Feature Service) don't work property when creating Web AppBuilder app

12-02-2020 03:17 PM
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When we configure pop-ups with arcade expressions in map service image layer and then publish those to a web appbuilder application, the pop-ups do not come across properly.

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Hi @durshe you need to be alot more specific. What is not coming across properly?. those layers were they added to a webmap which is used in wab? or are they added from the add data widget.

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I have the same issue, I'll attempt to explain in detail. I configured my pop-up in ArcGIS Pro and used Arcade Expressions in popup Image url section to generate dynamic images. So something like this: https://exampleUrl.com/{expression/AnExample}. I then upload the Layer on Enterprise, as a reference map image layer and include a feature layer. When I attempt to view it through the Portal webmap viewer, the Map Image layer does not contain the expression anymore in the pop up. It becomes only https://exampleUrl.com/. However, the feature Layer contains the Arcade Expression and works fine, shows the Pop Up with the image. I am curious as to why the Map Image layer does not do that.

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