Plan Route Analysis Widget - Address instead of Name?

03-29-2021 07:29 AM
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by Anonymous User
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Hi there,

I am wondering if there is a way to configure the ArcGIS Web AppBuilder for Portal (10.8.1), Analysis Widget, Plan Routes, to show the stop's "Address" instead of the stop's "Name". At the moment, it is defaulting to an existing field called "Name", which is not relevant when looking at the route (it's the customer's name, not their address). The user would like to be able to see the "Address" instead.

It appears that this variable would be set behind the scenes in the widget using this:

#Load the geocoded address locations as stops mapping the address field from
#geocoded stop features as Name property using field mappings.
fieldMappings =, stopsLayerName)
fieldMappings["Name"].mappedFieldName = "Address", stopsLayerName, outStops, fieldMappings,
"", exclude_restricted_elements = "EXCLUDE")

But in the out of the box widget, there doesn't appear to be an option to set the field mapping. Is this the case or am I missing something?

Short of setting the database field names (i.e. renaming the Address field to Name...), I am not seeing a workaround. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is setting the field mapping only available if we develop/customize our own analysis widget?

Thanks in advance,


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