Optimising Map Services for Screening Widget

07-12-2018 09:35 AM
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We have a map with over 100 layers and are querying it with the Screening widget. Quite often this gets stuck on one of the layers and you need to restart it. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how  to stop this from happening?

One thing I wondered was if it related to the number of layers in a service. Would the widget work better if each layer had its own service, if they are all in one, or somewhere in between? At the moment the map has a number of services, some with many layers and some with less.

Another thing I wondered is if it would work better with hosted feature layers rather than reading them from our SDE database? The app would still have to be hosted on our servers as there is quit a bit of customisation.

If anyone has any other thoughts, lease let me know.


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