Opening a widget at startup with its visibility set to false.

09-21-2016 03:59 PM
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is there a way we could open a widget at startup with its visibility set to false ? Basically, i would like to apply a filter widget on startup without any interaction with user..

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There is if you are using the developer edition

Look at this example:

GitHub - cmndrbensisko/LocalLayer: The LocalLayer Widget for ArcGIS Web AppBuilder is intended to al... 

LocalLayerWidget and AccessifizrWidget 

    "widgetOnScreen": {         "widgets": [             {                 "uri": "widgets/LocalLayer/Widget",                 "visible": false            },         ...        ]     }
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Thanks Rickey,

May be i did not explain clearly, The challenge was to have a widget not visible and at the same time the application starts the widget on

startup. We cannot have both Visibilty =false and openStartup = true . I mean the Visibility setting takes precedence over the openAtStartup setting.

So , to overcome this problem i just set inPanel=false in the Manifest.json file of the widget.

Appreciate your effort in trying to help me



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