'No Data' displaying on widget for Web AppBuilder

10-19-2020 06:36 AM
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Currently trial testing the viability on adding raw .xlsx data to display on Infographic widgets in WebAppBuilder.

The .xlsx data was uploaded to the Content page and published as a hosted layer, where the features were set as a table.

A new web map was created, and from this created a new web app map. Dashboard theme was used, and data was included via attributes-extra data source-layer. 

Infographic widgets were then included with the data source set from 'extra data source'. However, no data continues to display on the widgets. 

Am I missing a step? 

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I also have this problem. About eight months ago, I had no problem uploading my Excel sheet (.csv format) and have it recognized by the Infographic widget. This is no longer the case today and I am really curious as to what has changed.

I know that Esri prefers .csv files and my Excel sheet needed to have some geographic elements to it (i.e. XY coordinates, or LONG-LAT). Maybe that could help your case?

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I incorporated a country and state column, and when publishing the data, it was recognized and matched. However, the problem still persists with 'no data' when adding the widgets with the same steps as listed above. 

Has anybody found a fix to this? 

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