Nearby configurable app not showing results on mobile

02-22-2021 07:55 AM
New Contributor III

I am working on using the Nearby configurable app on AGOL with a layer view from Tracker. There are no issues using this web app on desktop or mobile as long as I input the address or manually drop a pin on the map. The problem I am running into is when I open app on a mobile device (currently testing with Iphone 12) and immediately go to search an address and choose "find by my location." Every time I do this I get a message that says No features found that meet the search criteria. However, when I look at map there is pin on my current location which displays my correct address location and there is clearly a feature within the search radius. When I manually put a pin on my current location or put in an address only then will a feature be returned in the results window. 

Is anyone else encountering this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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