Near Me widget problem

01-10-2018 05:51 PM
New Contributor II

I'm trying to build an application in WebAppBuilder for Drug drop offs and everytime I try to add the Near Me widget it just hangs up and locks up the whole app.  The only thing available is the ability to change the icon.  Can't even cancel out.  Any ideas?

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MVP Emeritus

Sounds like a corrupt install, if you are using WAB Dev. If you are talking about the AGOL version of WAB then you have to call tech support on that. If it is WAB Dev then try downloading again and re-installing.

New Contributor II

Thanks Robert – It’s the AGOL version and I do have a call into tech support. What’s interesting is that I can add the widget to other web apps but not this particular one which is really quite simple with only one layer.

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