Multiple widgets in collapsible panel

06-08-2021 09:49 PM
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I would like to modify the Jewelry Box theme so that the collapsible panel on the left can hold multiple widgets, but I'm having trouble getting started. Essentially the contents of the panel should look similar to those in the Dashboard theme with a little tab for each widget at the top of the panel, but also have the slide in/out properties of the Jewelry Box panel. I've looked at Dashboard and it has a gridlayoutmanager, but if I try to incorporate that, I lose the collapse mechanism. Am I going about this in the right way or perhaps there's another theme that will get me closer? Happy to take all suggestions! FYI, I'm using web appbuilder with an ArcGIS enterprise installation.
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Hi @_watcher_, looks like the Tab theme can have multiple widgets. However, the side panel is not expanded by default. 

If you are looking for more customization you could look at the Developer Edition of Web AppBuilder or Experience Builder. The Sidecar layout widget in Experience Builder has the slideout panel type of functionality I believe you are looking for.

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