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08-08-2016 11:17 AM
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Currently when I open the select widget in web appbuilder the features currently set for selection match the layers I have check on in my layer list. I would like to modify the select widget code so that all the layers are unchecked by default and not tied to items checked on/off in the layer list.

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I am having a lot of quirkiness issues with Wab 2.5 lately, select widget selects but does not highlight the selection, query widget added for a second time the query is performed but the query will not draw? All this happened after I upgraded to windows 10, something has become corrupted or something in windows 10 I have no idea. Should I uninstall/delete v 2.5 and try to install again?

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George I would definitely give that a try.

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Ok downloading WAB again did not fix it, but after closely looking at map services where the selection does work and where it does I noticed that if I publish a feature class with object id and shape turned off in field properties that affected it. I turned on both and republished, no idea that was affecting it but now it all works.

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Just curious, does anyone know what area of code needs to be modified to select features that are not zoom scale dependent?  The way this widget is currently setup is to only select features that are in view, but once you zoom out, you can't select anything.  The layer grey's out (I've solved that issue) but you still cant select anything.


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