map extents behavior in Web App Builder when browser zoom level is increased

04-16-2019 07:20 AM
Occasional Contributor

I recently learned that my web app builder web map extent changes based on browser zoom level due to the web pages responsive design functionality. To be clear, I understand (and I am OK with) the fact that the web app layout adjusts based on a devices browser resolution, but based on my understanding of how responsive design works and talking with some IT professionals, the web map extent should not change, regardless of a web browsers zoom setting.

The first image (below) uses a web browser zoom level of 120% (this occurs in all the major web browsers) and shows an image of the Atlantic Ocean, not of Central Maryland. The second photo illustrates that if you hit the "Home" button, the map extent will change back to the correct location, which is central Maryland. Any idea what is going on here? Your thoughts on this are appreciated.

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