Manually Remove Features from Query or Filter

10-19-2021 07:03 AM
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I'm working on a web app for a user that contains query and filter widgets. The user wants to be able to run a query or set a filter based on broad categories (ie. values in an attribute field) and then manually remove some results from that query or filter. I've played around with this for a while but I'm starting to think it's not really a supported function of either of those widgets. The best I can come up with is to set the query widget to intersect with a drawn feature, but that presupposes the user knows in advance geographically which ones they want to remove, and even then it's a very clunky solution. Is it possible to manually remove queried or filtered features, either from the attribute table or graphically on the map?

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Not with clicking a button or pressing delete or anything else as simple.

You could add another expression to your query that the user has to fill out to exclude certain features. Possible workflow for your user:

  • query for "Attribute > 5"
  • check the query result, note the ObjectID (or some other attribute, of course) of 2 features to exclude
  • go back to the query and change it to "Attribute > 5 AND ObjectID NOT IN (50, 51)", rerun

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Hallo and Greetings from Austria.

I have done something similar in some of my apps already. I used the Filter Widget with pre-configured filters that the user can select. This Filters the Data in the Map. See my screenshots

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