Looking for guidance on optimizing web map

02-13-2020 08:34 AM
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I am looking for some guidance from some more experienced folks on how to optimize our online map: SubTel Cable Map 

In particular, the Cable Ship Position History layer is causing some headache. Our goal is to track 45-50 ships 4 times a day with a 30 day history. However, we're only 2 weeks in and the layer is causing the load times to grind to a halt. I had to set the layer to be hidden until the user zooms in to a certain level in order to reduce map clutter, but as they zoom in an trigger the layer to display, it grinds everything to a halt for a long period of time.

Ideally, I would like to not have to reduce the number of data points we capture so I'm looking for some other ways I can try to optimize or display this information.

Any other performance/visualization optimizations that you might are also greatly appreciated.

I am currently using Web App Builder Dev Edition 2.12, and the map is hosted through our ArcGIS Online portal. Please let me know if any additional information is needed. I am happy to answer but not quite sure what else might be relevant!

Edit: I had originally tried to set it up so that the ship history layer was off until users clicked to enable it in the left hand Info Summary widget but this had the unfortunate side effect of not zooming to clicked entries in the ship history layer.

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