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02-21-2020 04:45 AM
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I registered an application with ArcGis Online. This application is registered on my localhost.

I followed this post correctly:

My little problem comes from the fact that I have to accept a pop-up window twice to access the application.
The first is to tell me that I need to log in to ArcGis Online (even if I am already logged in correctly). I press accept.

In the second window, the browser asks for permission to access the account again.

At no point does it ask me for a username/password, but it can be annoying to have to accept these windows twice.
When you register your own WAB application, is this the expected behavior? Am I forgetting to do something else? My goal is that I don't ask for any permission like any other application I generate within the Organization.

Many Thanks!

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Did you manage for any solution or workaround for this?

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