Issues with related features in Web AppBuilder query results

12-19-2016 08:25 AM
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A colleague and I are seeing problems with the Query Widget and we'd like to find out whether we're doing something wrong or if the widget needs to be fixed or enhanced. The behavior that we see will be confusing for the end users of the app.

1. Missing related records: When the widget is set up to query a table or layer that has a relationship, the Query Results includes the related table or layer at the bottom.  However, clicking on the layer doesn't consistently provide the linked records. It's blank. Back up and try again and that produces the records. This may be a slow server response issue, but it's a problem, even with an test map that has only 5 features and an handful of related records.

2. Once you finally get the related features to show up, clicking on one of them will zoom the map, but the selected feature isn't highlighted. Most users would expect that to happen. 

Any suggestions, or is this just how the WAB is working now?

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