Is there a way to expand the width of the textbox container for date in WAB query tool?

04-21-2016 03:42 PM
by Anonymous User
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I've used the esri WAB to search between a date range that I had to convert to a text field first so the WAB "is between" Query Widget can filter correctly on 04/12/2016, for example.  now my issue is that the drop-down box that opens a calendar within the Query I defined cannot hold the dates.  The container box is too small and you cannot see all of "10/12/2016" for example.  Is there a file in the Query Widget on the Development side that makes these drop-down date calendar boxes larger?  Just looking to make width a few spaces larger so the entire date is shown.

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  If you figured out how to swap the control out for a textbox then you can just add some style property to that textbox as well (or better yet add a css rule for that control).

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