Is there a way for multiple users to collaborate on an application built with WAB Developer edition?

09-09-2020 11:43 AM
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We downloaded the 2.17 version of WAB Developer version and set it up to utilize our Enterprise Portal.  We located the WAB application on a development server so it  would be accessible to multiple users in the office.   We planned this open development environment with the hope that multiple users could edit and modify the same application... for example one user initially creates the app, another user creates/modifies custom widgets and another creates/modifies custom themes.  We did an experiment where one user created an application (since WAB is tied to our Portal, the user must log in using their Portal credentials). The user logged out and closed WAB.  Another user then opened WAB (again signing in using their credentials).  The second user was not able to see the application the previous user created.  The application the first user created was very simple, only using the default basemap and not pointing to any map on Portal.  Is there a way for multiple users to see the same application(s)?  I'm a little confused, developing using the WAB, the application is created on the machine that has WAB installed and not Enterprise Portal so i don't how to "share" an application that is under development with WAB.  Do we have to create another user on Portal for development?  Anyone working on an application would then log in with this new user's credentials?  

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