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Is there a selectedFeatureID function / widget in WAB?

09-14-2015 10:18 AM
Regular Contributor II

In the ParksFinder there is something I stumbled across that I absolutely love.


I can craft a URL like so...

I can do so for every single PARKS feature within that map. Which allows me to use off-site linkage to jump users from ANYTHING to that specific park. They can create PDF's with links from park names to that park on our map, they can send e-mails, create digital brochures, etc.

What does it take to do the same thing on a WAB-created map?

( or is it even possible? )

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Occasional Contributor III

There is not this feature in current WAB release, but we have a plan to add this feature in next release.

Regular Contributor II

Well then color me excited!

That sounds excellent! Hopefully there is a way to specify both the feature class being used as well as the selectedFeatureID... I am now anxiously waiting for the next release of WAB.