Internal Only Lingering Proxy Issue

10-05-2015 01:10 PM
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So I've got an internal-only map setup and running. (thank you Robert Scheitlin​!) I got my proxy issues all figured out and now I have a working proxy for all future internal only maps.

The first map I created was an Internal Sewer Map. It works. Hooray.

The second map I created was an Internal Water Map. It works. Also Hooray.

However, I keep getting this weird 'login' artifact. When loading either of these two maps, "SOMETIMES" I get the login window popup. But, it's not as specific as the previous login windows. Originally, when I didn't have my proxy properly configured I would get Login Screens that were 'item-specific' as if AGOL knew the user was trying to login to that item... like this... (I blurred out my item information)


Well, those logins don't show anymore (thank the maker) but, every so often... if I refresh or jump from one map to the other, I get a login screen that looks like the following...


Which just says "(item)" almost like it's confused. Now if I refresh the map it loads up WITHOUT the login screen, like it's supposed to. Now if I was the Field Tech that is going to be accessing this map while performing my job then this wouldn't be an issue, I would just refresh and keep going. But I'm willing to bet that the first time they get this in the field that I'm going to get a Service Ticket. ALSO I'm assuming this isn't the expected, nor coded, response that ESRI planned.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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