Intergrating Proxy with WAB and DotNet App

03-06-2017 07:52 PM
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I'll try to explain this as clearly as possible....

  • I have a WAB (dev version) sitting on a webserver. It is open, and publicly accessible
  • The services in WAB are secure using ArcGIS server authentication (linked with AD)

What I want to do is...

  • Develop a landing page in DotNet, that links to WAB
  • The landing page will handle logins, and user authentication (separate from ESRI/WAB)
  • I want a proxy in between so when a user is logged into the DotNet landing page, they can load (through the proxy) the WAB (and services) with out a username/password
  • Optional... when a user loads the WAB and they're not logged into the DotNet i would like them redirected to the dotnet login page...

I played around with the proxy (dotnet) and managed to get it setup (but not authenticating)... Has anyone done something similar to what I am proposing?

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