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11-24-2017 11:06 PM
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I,m installing WAB  and I have a problem. I have not portal for arcgis and I have developer account. I did these steps:

1- I install node.js

2- I run startup.bat

3- I see a page in my browser that neet to put: specify the URL to your ArcGIS Online organization or portal for ArcGIS

4- I have arcgis developer account and I put my arcgis online address but I have this error: 

Invalid redirect_uri

Error: 400


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There is some problems in  WAB:

1- User have to login to ArcGIS online. how we can overcome this restriction?

2- When I want to run my web app in the interanet network (no internet), my web app return this error:

 Error loading


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1. Make sure your webmap is shared as public and that you are not using secured map services in the webmap. If you are wanting to use secure map services then you need to install a Proxy to supply the credentials automatically. There are dozens of threads on this subject.

2. WAB requires internet access or on premise Portal.