Infographic widget not updating on selected features

07-20-2020 11:27 PM
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The infographic widget does not update when I select features on my map by clicking on them. This is the case regardless of what type of widget infographic it is (guage, text etc.). It will only update when using the Filter or Select widgets but not when I click on a feature. 

When I was first testing WebAppBuilder about a year ago I was able to have the infographic change as I selected features by clicking on them with the mouse or by selecting them in the Info Summary widget. Has this behavior changed. While I don't have access to that app any more I have lots of screenshots and I'm 100% positive this was the case as my app did not have the filter or select widgets.

My use case is that I have a layer with lots of polygons features with a field for the soil pH of each feature. I want the infographic to show the average pH for all polygons when nothing is selected but for the user to be able to select individual polygons groups of polygons by clicking and the infographic to update. I was able to use the Info Summary widget previously to group polygons so that I could select multiple polygons of interest with a single click.

Am I don't something wrong or does WebAppBuilder no longer work like this?

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