Infographic bar chart - remove/do not show data points that don't meet minimum/maximum

11-30-2021 12:43 PM
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I want to create a bar graph that: only shows values above a certain number, is labelled with one field (site name) and organized/symbolized by a different field (month collected). Currently, I can do most of this with a bar chart infographic by setting Category Field to Site Name, the Sort By to Month and the Minimum Value to 3. But, the minimum value just removes the bars for those that are less than 3, the space for those bars is still there on the graph and if you hover over the empty space, it shows the site name for it. 

We're going to have 100+ data points on this map and I really only want to display the ones that exceed certain standards/numbers. How can remove those empty spaces for a more concise graph? 

I've tried using the Chart widget but I'm not able to group/symbolize the bars using a different field from the label which is a necessity.




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