In the Add New Links section how do I create a mailto: URL?

03-11-2015 09:52 AM
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I was able to do this in the BETA... is there something I'm missing? Am I going to have to manually change the HTML to get a MAILTO link?!

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Brian O'keefe​,

You need to add the mailto link to the link section. Something like this:

Replace with your email

Then go to \arcgis-web-appbuilder-1.0\server\apps\##\config.json and at about line 20 you will find a parameter to set the URL to the link. Remove the http://

Now it should look like:

      "label": "mail",
      "url": ""

To help with the set up of that URL go to Mailto URL Encoder - About Email and it will generate the code needed with the appropriate syntax.


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If anyone can help, I am having a similar issue:

Instead of linking to a website, or an email address - I'd like to link to a document, such as a PDF or DOC, on our corporate network.  I've tried a few things in config.json, but I can't seem to get it to work.

Grateful for any suggestions  ... Thank you !

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Just noticed Portal 10.3 WAB doesn't require an "http://", while Portal 10.3.1 WAB does require and will place it there by default. So, if you're not using WAB Dev Edition, you're pretty much screwed with 10.3.1. Seems unnecessary for esri to have added in this "http://" requirement.

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